03 July 2014

I'm Moving!

Yes it's been a long time coming + and I've given this a lot of thought + so after 3000 post blogged since 2007 on Blogger, and 37,000+ views + I'm moving my blog to Wordpress, you can find me at lifebywyetha.wordpress.com.

I know I've been away since February when my class schedule and lab time prevented me from posting + but now since I'm on the finishing end + I have lots to catch up on + I'm looking to continue my brave yet boring adventures of my so called life in a minimal way.  Thanks so much for reading and I hope you continue to follow me. -- Much Love, Wyetha!

25 February 2014

Be Back Soon....

LifebyWyetha is closing up shop temporarily ---------> I'll be back this Spring, with some new projects that I've been focusing on.  Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you soon my lovelies.