01 January 2014

2013 Happiness Project

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This is so appropriate for my 365-Happiness Project coming to a sweet and joyous end + I honestly didn't think that I would get through this whole year + there were times when it seemed that days were flying at top speed + and then I had moments where it seemed it slowed to a crawl + I've tried to enjoy every minute of this year + and while some of my happy times where nanoseconds + it's still happy + and that was really the goal + personal happiness is the root of all things + and I have to reflect back to January 2013 when I quoted from an unknown source that "life is about the happy moments that make up a whole" + it's what you take with you that provides comfort in unstable times + it got me through a rough semester + a job that I don't always like + and life's other uncertainties + I may never find the true meaning of happiness + but it's little things like these that make my search fulfilling and worthwhile + so I would like to thank everyone who pushed me through + and here's wishing everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year!

12/1, It's December already I love this time of year its finally cold
12/2, Only two more design history classes left, I just cant contain my excitement 
12/3, Gaining a new perspective on what's to come
12/4,  I love my kid
12/5, Turning hectic situations into laughable moments is my specialty.
12/6, Sometimes happy is business as usual.
12/7, In the home stretch for this semester 
12/8, A wet nose and a head butt is kitty-cat love 
12/9, Cold weather is sometimes awesome
12/10, God bless a snow day, I got all my stuff done
12/11, All my shows are ending for the mid-season finale
12/12, Just one more class 
12/13, Bon weekend!
12/14, My tree is finally up
12/15, I'm actually able to surf the web and read blogs, not assignments
12/16, Started reading Zombie survival guide it's funny cause its serious
12/17, Please week fly
12/18, I may be busy, but at least classes are over
12/19, The last meeting of the year - I’m SO FREAKIN HAPPY!
12/20, Had a really great lunch with co-workers at Georgia Brown’s
12/21, I almost forget how nice it feels to give some one something when they don’t expect it
12/22, Trying out some new wrapping styles on Pinterest
12/23, It’s the day before the night before Christmas
12/24, Worked closed early -- Fabulous
12/25, Shhhh, It’s Christmas
12/26, Shopping!
12/27, A nice quiet day to reflect 
12/28, Enjoying my vacation, seeing a movie
12/29, Just me -- under the covers --- shhh!
12/30, Positive thoughts for the new year -- this one went by so fast
12/31, Went to see "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" with Malcom Jamal Warner + it was so good + I love you B for the most thoughtful Christmas gift ever.

Note + Somewhere along the lines of struggle and parenting you raise this amazing person + who's turned into an adult right before your eyes + I don't know what I did right or wrong + and if someone were to ask for parenting advice + I wouldn't know where to begin + I know I've winged-it + and through the years of parenting + I  know is my daughter is amazing + because even though we fight + good GOD yes we fight + I wouldn't trade a day + or a moment + she makes me .... be me + I love you Bonka! Happy New Year.

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Mighty B said...

This is the sweetest! Aw! I love you ma! You deserve so much more :)